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Pine City horse update

PINE CITY, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Twenty-six horses are now in a safer place, thanks to concerned citizens and a Facebook post.

Five horses, left at the farm, were set to be picked up some time today. 

The horses were said to have been found in such poor conditions, they had to be broken out of their shelters. 

They were also said to have been standing in a couple of feet of horse manure. Onlookers say its horrible what they we were living in.

Animal control first showed up Tuesday, following social media reports and pictures..

They left after an examination. But a report by a veterinarian had them returning Wednesday with trailers and volunteers, who loaded up the horses and took them away.

We aren't quite sure exactly where the horses were taken, but we've been assured, wherever they are,  they are getting all the help and attention they need. 

We have reached out to multiple officials for information, but they have declined to comment. 

We followed up with some Pine City residents today, and many say "it's about time."

One resident said, "Pride comes before the fall and nobody wants to see anybody's animals get taken away, but at the same time you can't let it go on like that. It's sad all around, but the horses are getting the help they need." 

Some others feel they shouldn't be allowed to have any horses until they reevaluate their management skills and improve the land conditions. 

We do not know if and when formal charges will be filed against the owner. We reached out to his lawyer, but he declined to comment. 

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