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Police officer recounts moment a traffic stop turned violent

SCHODACK, N.Y. (WTEN) - Schodack Police Officer Jordan Harrington sitting down with NEWS10 to discuss a traffic stop that turned into an assault.  Harrington says what happened is just part of the job but it’s not something he will soon forget.         

On the night of May 10th Officer Harrington pulled a car over for a couple of traffic violations in the area of the Columbia Turnpike and Miller Road.  Before he knew it, the passenger of the vehicle punched him and was throwing his arms and legs every which way.

At that time a trooper was assisting him -- but the both of them couldn't get the guy under control.  Harrington tells NEWS10 the entire incident lasted about 5 minutes but it seemed more like 5 hours.

With the help of several local agencies they were able to arrest the man.  He's identified as Michael Dauphin, 24, of Athens.  Dauphin is facing multiple felonies and misdemeanors including assault in the 2nd degree and possession of a controlled substance.

Harrington was left with only bumps and bruises but he tells me the incident serves as a reminder that they have to be prepared for the worst. "We have no idea who we're talking to when we're on the side of the road. We have no idea who we're talking to when we go to domestics. You know things can happen so fast and you know you always need to keep your head on a swivel" Harrington said.

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