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Political analysts and public discuss President Trump in open forum

For the fourth time this year, Twin Tiers residents got a chance to discuss the political issues affecting our nation in an open forum called "Political Pundit Night."

Residents gathered at the Clemens Center Wednesday evening to debate the president's first year in office. 

The open forum was hosted and moderated by Elmira College professor, Dr. Stephen Coleman. A panel of political analysts were by his side.

Despite differing opinions, it was a chance to hear the different viewpoints from both sides of the aisle. 

"I hope they take away a lot of expert opinion and can talk about Donald Trump and then go on from there and maybe learn something," Coleman said. "Maybe somebody is going to say, 'I hate Trump and here's why' or 'I love Trump and here's why,' so hopefully people will learn something from this."

the pundit night was also set to coincide with President Trump's election victory.

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