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Property tax rates decrease in one Southern Tier county

SCHUYLER COUNTY, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - There's a county in our region that has experienced decreasing property tax rates: Schuyler County. 

Rates have gone down four percent since last year.

County administrator Tim O'hearn said that decrease is all thanks to an increase in sales-tax revenue from tourism growth and lower unemployment rates.

Last year, Schuyler County got $300,000 in sales-tax revenue. So far this year, the county has taken in $125,000.

"We're very optimistic at this point as we end the first quarter and look into all that's coming in the coming year," O'hearn said. "That sales-tax growth should continue to be strong and we hope to see even greater growth."

O'hearn said last year's property tax rate was $7.75 per $1,000, while this year's rate is $7.45. The rate in 2006 was $10.50.

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