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#PutYourSticksOut: Western New Yorkers pay tribute to hockey players killed in tragic Canada crash

BUFFALO, N.Y. (WIVB) - People across North America are now paying tribute, after a tragic crash that claimed the lives of 15 onboard a bus headed to a youth hockey tournament in Canada.

A hashtag that began in Canada, has gained traction in the U.S. and Western New York. 

#PutYourSticksOut urges hockey players to put their hockey sticks on their front porches, and turn the light on. It started with Winnipeg Jets broadcaster and Humboldt native, Brian Munz. 

Locals are now setting their hockey sticks outside. Ian Trudell with Hasek's Heroes in Buffalo says it could've been anyone on that bus, and he set his hockey stick outside Sunday night. 

"It's just a really simple, easy way to pay tribute to what happened in Saskatchewan," Trudell said. "Obviously I don't know any of those hockey players, but hockey is such a small community, whether it's in Saskatchewan, or Buffalo, again it was an easy way to pay tribute." 

Along with this hashtag that's gained traction, a GoFundMe account for those affected by the tragedy has raised millions. 

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