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Ribbon cutting marks official reopening of Donna's Restaurant

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Although Donna's Restaurant has been open for almost a month, Monday marked the official reopening of one of the staples on Corning's Market Street. 

Leaders across the the district gathered in the quaint diner to celebrate the special moment. 

"You see this in the recognition of George Bush, He was a fellow who was proud to serve others, I'm proud to serve with Donna," Amo Houghton, former congressman and CEO of Corning Inc., said. 

"It's overwhelming, it really is overwhelming, because I was going to retire, and I got so many messages from people that wanted me to keep working," restaurant owner Donna Robbins said. 

And so she did. 

Donna's Restaurant was not only officially recognized by the City of Corning, the Chamber of Commerce and other local entities like the Gaffer District, but also the United States Senate. 

It's a new chapter in Robbins' book and Corning all together, as Donna's Restaurant continues to leave its mark as a 30 plus year staple in the Gaffer District. 

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