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Rockwell extends deadline for gingerbread house competition

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - If you've ever watched those intense Food Network shows like Cupcake Wars or Giant Gingerbread and you've thought to yourself, I wish I could do that, well, now's your chance to try. 

The Rockwell is extending its deadline for the third annual Gingerbread Invitational to Wednesday, October 11 to give locals more time to submit an application. 

Prior gingerbread houses include smaller duplicates of Little Joe tower, the Corning fire department, Mark Twain Study, and even the Rockwell Museum itself. 

Like last year, all works entered this season must focus on historic landmarks or architecture pertaining to Corning or the region.

"It allows us to show off the work and talent and the creativity of so many people in our community beyond artists because baking and making gingerbread takes a lot of creativity and a little ingenuity too," Rockwell Executive Director Brian Whisenhunt said. 

All entries must be original which means no gingerbread kits are allowed and visible components of the display must be edible.

Most important, the creation has to be durable and stand for over a month because that's how long it'll be on exhibition for. 

If you have no experience, you have nothing to worry about it. Last year's winners said they couldn't accept the award without thanking Google for teaching them everything they know about gingerbread construction and encouraged novice bakers such as themselves to enter. 

Again, the application deadline is Wednesday, October 11 and for more information you can go to rockwellmuseum.org/gingerbread.

A panel of judges will vote on winners in addition to museum visitors casting their own vote.

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