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Sayre Students Tour Fay's Maple Products

COLUMBIA CROSS ROADS, P.A. (18 NEWS) - Doug Fay, Co-owner of Fay's Maple Products in Columbia Cross Roads in Pennsylvania says a group of second grade students from Sayre Elementary school visited to learn how maple syrup was made. They were full of questions. "They asked me what's in there? They asked me if that's oil, and I said no it's maple syrup. They had some really cute questions," Fay said, "You know they're always asking me what's that stuff, is it steam? Yes. What's this coming off the evaporator? Well it's just water that's condensed you know? They asked a lot of good questions."

The students even learned the process of how maple syrup is made, from the tree to the bottle. In the end they got to taste the final product with a pancake dinner. "I think it's going to be an annual thing they really enjoy themselves and they don't go away hungry, they ate a lot of pancakes," Said Fay.

Along with learning how the maple syrup is made the students learned what Fay has planned for all the syrup that is being produced. Their annual Pancake Days is coming up next weekend.

"The 24th and 25th of March up here at the barn and we'll have the evaporator running, it's a benefit of the Big Lions Club, we have some great local support East Smithfield County store provides the food, pancake mix, Bryan's meats in East Smithfield provides the sausage, Huntington Motors provides placemats, you know it's a community effort," Said Fay.

Since it's inception over thirty years ago Pancake Days has grown tremendously, beginning with a couple hundred gusts to nearly 2200 last year. If you are planning on heading down next weekend Fay promises not to disappoint, "All you can eat pancakes, we have scrambled eggs, coffee juice, milk, you name it, they don't go away hungry I'll tell you that."

Pancake Days is 8 dollars for adults and 4 dollars for children under 12. The hours are 8 AM until 2 PM next weekend but Fay recommends you get there earlier as people will begin to show up around 7 AM.


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