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Schuyler County Attorney warns residents about property-deeds scam

SCHUYLER COUNTY, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - A nationwide property deed scam has made its way to our area.

Officials in Watkins Glen said they have recieved reports in recent weeks that a number of companies have solicited homeowners who recently completed real estate transactions. 

"We want the residents of Skyler County to be aware that the entities marketing these materials are not affiliated with any county office," Steven Getman, the Schuyler County Attorney, said.

These companies, going under different names, offer to provide records about the property to the homeowner at a cost of $89.

Getman said the records provided by these companies include the same information that can be found at the county clerk's office for little to no cost. He added these companies have sent official-looking mailing to residents that confuses them.

"They may end up paying $89 for something they can get for as little as $.65 a page or as little as five dollars," Getman said.

Currently there are no laws against companies selling you your own information, or a limit on what they can charge.

Getman said that all public records can be found at your county clerk's office Monday through Friday, during normal business hours. 

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