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Seneca Lodge holds wealth of racing history knowledge

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The Seneca Lodge sits above Old Corning Hill in Watkins Glen.

The bar inside is a legendary spot for race fans.

The faded winners' wreaths from years past, tires and hundreds of arrows stuck on the wall made the place a must-see destination for car enthusiasts.

The Seneca Lodge was built in 1948, the same year as the first road race at Watkins Glen so the place has been tied to WGI racing from the very start.

Jack Brubaker is one of the owners, his family still runs the place to date.

"People are curious about the place now you know with the history of the racing like I say," said Brubaker.  "We got the drivers from the Old Formula one days putting up the wreaths and during the other races they come in here for dinner and the bar."

The Brubakers hold many traditions like making change with hard to find two dollar bills.

"We save on ones, that's all, we take the ones back to the bank," said Brubaker.  "It was just routine and now it's a gimmick."

You'll definitely get more than just dinner and a beer - the Brubakers have a wealth of knowledge in the racing world.

The Seneca Lodge is located on 3600 Walnut Rd. It offers lodging, restaurant and bar close to the State Park and Watkins Glen Race Track.

To learn more: http://www.senecalodge.com/

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