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Severe weather awareness week: Floods

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - All week long 18 storm team meteorologist Rob Lindenmuth has highlighted important safety information during this severe weather awareness week. Today he's discussing what to do if we experience flooding. 

Floods are the number one killer in the United States among all weather related natural hazards by almost a 2-1 margin. The main cause of death during floods is caused by automobiles being swept away by flood waters. 

Many people try to cross flooded roadways but remember the old saying, turn around don't drown. 

Devastating floods are no stranger to this area, in fact, flooding ranks as the largest threat to many communities in our region. Flood watched are issued when there is the potential for flooding to occur. 

When a flash flood warning is issued you want to be sure to avoid all low lying areas, especially if your home is near a river or a creek. You need to move to higher ground, don't drive across bridges covered with water or through areas where water covers the roadway, if your car gets stuck in a flooded area abandon it immediately. Take these precautions to protect yours and you families lives!


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