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Spotlight on young Elmira actress, following major movie debut

BIG FLATS, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The major motion picture, "The Greatest Showman," hit theaters Wednesday night, with one of its rising stars seeing the movie at the Arnot Mall.

Her name is Austyn Johnson. From the small Cty of Elmira, she's made it to the big movie city of Hollywood. She was the movie star everyone was there to see.

"I'm super excited, everybody's here and it feels really nice because everybody is here supporting me," Johnson, the 11-year-old actress, said. "I'm super excited and I can't wait to see it with everybody."

She was surrounded by her entourage of friends and family, and posing for cameras.

"I have my dad, my mom, I have everybody here and my friends over there," Johnson said. "They're my best friends, who I had to invite. They were the first on the list."

She plays the young character, Caroline Barnum, Alongside Hollywood giants Hugh Jackman and Zac Effron.

"It's better actually, everybody's here, it's a miracle," She said. "I'm glad Everybody's here to watch with me and be here with me."

The fact she's from Elmira is what's getting the crowd talking.

"She's a small town kid just like the rest of us going big time on the screen," Taylor Carl, a movie-goer who went to see "The Greatest Showman," said. "They're still small-town people, they always will be."

Now it's on to the next with her young movie career.

The movie is one of the top trending topics on Twitter. Johnson said she will soon play a small role in an upcoming movie with Tom Hanks.

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