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Stationary Parade of Lights coming to Corning

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Not really. Nonetheless, with the holidays right around the corner, more changes coming to the area.

The annual Corning Parade of Lights will look a little different this year. What's new? A stationary parade.

This won't be the first year Corning has had a stationary parade. Back in 2013, the festival was sidelined due to construction on a local bridge.

However, with a large turnout expected, and lack of crowd control, the Gaffer District would rather be safe than sorry, especially after a few mishaps last year.

"There were many many instances where it was a dangerous situation, with small children running out or walking out in front of the units as they were coming down the street. As a response to that, we are going to be doing a stationary parade," said Coleen Fabrizi. 

Fabrizi said the Gaffer District will find a way to have a traditional parade with appropriate safety measures. 

The parade will be held, Saturday, Nov. 24 in Centerway Square. For more information, click here

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