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Students gearing up for another walk out over gun violence

CAPITAL REGION (NEWS10) - Students across the country are gearing up for another walk out, this time to mark the 20th anniversary of the shootings at Columbine High School.

The walk is set for this Friday but many local schools are not condoning this one.

Like everyone across the country, Lynn Trudell has taken notice.  Students and everyone are standing up and walking out, protesting gun violence.

“They do need to keep doing something and it’s great that they’re active. I encourage them to definitely get out there and vote.”

Trudell supports their rights. With news of another nation-wide walked out plan for this Friday… she’s not so sure it’s the right move.

“I don’t believe the students should be allowed to keep walking out for every anniversary.”

“When would it stop?”

Many local schools are echoing that. Places like Niskayuna are sending parents a letter letting them know that if students do walk out they’ll be marked absent for the day.

Amsterdam also sending a similar notice to parents in that district.

“I think it’s unfair.”

Michael Blay says the students should be encouraged to keep fighting for what they believe in, and capitalize on the momentum from last month’s walkouts.

“I think they should do it. If they started once, they should keep doing it.”

Meanwhile, places like Shen announced that students can protest, but only after school hours.

Trudell says that is the best middle ground.

“There are other avenues they can use, not take time out of the class day.”

“To do it during the class day, I just don’t think it’s going to have the effect. More people are just going to not listen to it then.”

Some students at Shen are planning a walk-out during school hours, and that district says if they do, they will face the same code of conduct consequences as they would here.

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