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Students tour local dairy farm

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Students from Fassett elementary school visited Busholm Farm Wednesday morning to learn about where their dairy products come from. Kenneth Bush, retired dairy farmer himself says that events like this are so important because young kids have no idea where their food actually comes from. "It's educational for the children, a lot of them don't know where their food comes from except the grocery store," Bush said.

Many of the students said they learned many things about these animals like Caly who says she learned something about chickens. "That chickens lay 1 egg a day," Caly said, she also said she didn't learn anything new about the cows because cows are her moms favorite animal and she talks about them all the time. 

There was plenty for the students to do from riding a tractor to get around the farm, to petting the animals they encountered, even having a go at fishing in the pond. When we first arrived some of the students were reeling in a fish and it happened to be a fairly large Large Mouth Bass. 

Along with learning about the typical animals you would think of when visiting a farm, students also had the chance to interact with newborn kittens. Many of them saying that the kittens were their favorite part. 

Jeffrey says his favorite part of the day was seeing the kittens because they were so cute, and his classmate Natalie agreed with him. 

Thanks to the Chemung county dairy princess Alyssa Roorda the students were even able to have a little bit of ice cream. "We were at the Busholm Farm Tour handing out ice cream to kids and getting to talk to them about dairy in their diet and how it's important for them to have dairy 3 times a day," said Roorda. Both Roorda and Bush say events like these are so important to the students.

"I think it's really important, it's nice to go into the classrooms, but it's really cool when they get to come onto the farm and see it firsthand," Roorda said, "A lot of kids are 2 generations removed from farms so they have no idea where their food comes from."



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