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The mystery surrounding black cats on Friday the 13th

WAVERLY, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - It's unclear where the black cat myth came from, perhaps ancient folklore. When it comes to Friday the 13th, there's more about black cats than just a myth.

Meet Agatha and Sally-Anne, two black cats that at first glance seem like two friendly felines. An old superstition, however, suddenly gives the impression that you're doomed if you cross their paths. 

"Witches and witchcraft having black cats is familiar, that they were safe to be around the black magic," Kevin Craig, the executive director of Stray Haven SPCA in Waverly, said. "They would portend bad omens for offending the witch."

According to the Smithsonian, black cats tend to have a low adoption rate. It circles to back to myth of bad luck

"A lot of it has to do with, you know, they're bad luck, they're going to cause trouble, they're fiesty, they're troublemakers," Craig said. "As you can see they're not really trouble makers. She would be more than happy to sit in my arms if I let her."

Happy Agatha and Sally-Anne are, Free spirited and playful without a care in the world. They would make for a "purr"-fect companion to anyone not superstitious. 

"These kitties are just as special as everybody else," Craig said. "Just because it's Friday the 13th and you have one in your house doesn't mean that you're going to have any sort of ill omen come across your household."

Craig also said that they do notice an uptick in black cats being brought into the shelter around this time. He says it's because people are worried black cats could be abused or used for mischief. 

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