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Three employees hospitalized after hazardous materials incident at post office

COLONIE, N.Y. (WTEN) - Three employees were hospitalized after they came into contact with a hazardous material in the package room at the Karner Road Post Office in Colonie early Sunday morning.

Officials at the scene say each of the employees contracted a rash and other symptoms after separately entering the package room. The first employee took themselves to urgent care. EMS was called after the second person became ill, shortly after midnight.

Upon arrival, EMS determined the situation was serious and called for a response from local fire departments and several hazmat and decontamination crews. Employees at the facility were put in quarantine while crews investigated the incident.

“A little bit before midnight a call come in, an EMS call for a patient with some itchiness, a little bit of a rash. It triggered an EMS response. EMS got here and realized we might have something more than a health issue and that triggered a hazmat response,” said Jerry Paris, Albany County Fire Coordinator.

Officials say the three affected employees have been released from the hospital with no complications and are expected to be ok. The remainder of the employees have been released from quarantine.

The Karner Road Post Office will remain closed for the day Sunday while crews clean the building.Officials say they have still not identified the hazardous material involved in the incident or whether it came directly from a package, but say they have been able to trace it back to the package room.

Officials say there is no danger any postal customers will receive a contaminated package from the facility, but mail trucks were called back to post office Sunday morning for inspection just to be safe.

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