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Tiny Homes in the Southern Tier

BURDETTE, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - By now you've probably heard of tiny houses. They're becoming a more popular housing option these days because they're usually more affordable and energy efficient.

So, it's not surprising that more and more people are in the market for them in the Southern Tier. 

"A bourgade in French means, it's a village of scattered houses," designer and owner of La Bourgade on Seneca Bruno Schickel said. "So I wanted to have sort of a French European flavor basically, not just in the name but in the architecture as well."

Schickel said his tiny homes are unique for a number of reasons. From their size and layout:

"The houses are nestled into a hill and sort of terraced down," Schickel said. "The houses are around 900 ft.²"

To their design and vibrant color schemes:
"Palette of what I would call Provence colors," Schickel said. "But the outside is stucco, and there's some bright colors on the trim. So the idea is to really create something that brings a smile to your face when you're driving or walking up to your house. And everybody has a little courtyard sort of a little patio area just outside their house overlooking the lake."

For this project Schickel wanted to combine classic European character with modern energy efficiencies.

"From the windows, the Earthwise windows we used, to the foam insulation that we put on the outside, the foam insulation under the concrete floor, the foam on the roof," Schickel said. "They're just built and designed to be very energy-efficient."

Which could save residents a good chunk of change, especially during the colder months.

"The big thing in this area is the heat loss through a weaker energy number window in the winter it's really a killer," Vice-President of Business Development for PVC Industries Ken Ceriello said.
"The key is an affordable price and a Lake view in the heart of wine country," Schickel said.

Schickel plans to build 31 more tiny homes on the property. He's hoping to have construction completed by next summer. You can find more information on La Bourgade on Seneca on their website.

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