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Tioga County holds graduation ceremony

BINGHAMTON, N.Y. (WIVT/WBGH) - Tioga County is preparing its leaders of tomorrow.

The legislature held a graduation ceremony today for its first-ever Institute for Advancement.

It's a year-long training academy for county workers to learn more about how laws and regulations and how the entire county government operates.

Many different departments enrolled their employees, including public health, probation and social services.

Legislature Chairwoman Marte Sauerbrey says a recent strategic plan revealed the need for succession planning. "We are losing a lot of talent as they are retiring, and they're leaving us.  So, we want to make sure that we train up the people coming underneath them so they're ready to step into positions when they are available."

County officials say 40% of county workers are currently retirement eligible, and within five departments, 100%of the essential employees are of retirement age.

Tioga plans to hold the institute again next year.

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