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Tioga United Way honors Tioga Downs Owner Jeff Gural

NICHOLS, N.Y. (WIVT-TV) - The Tioga United Way held a ceremony Thursday to acknowledge a man's generosity.

Tioga Downs Owner Jeff Gural was thanked by the organization for his contribution to their cause.

Last December, The United Way held its biggest fundraiser "Dancing United with the Starz" at Tioga Downs in. 

With Gural offering to match whatever the event raised, it brought in over $100,000.

The funds were distributed to 34 agencies of the Tioga United Way, and representatives of a few recipients were on hand to show their appreciation.

Gural says that if you're fortunate enough to have some wealth that giving back is the right thing to do. 

"I believe actually that when you die the only thing you leave behind is your reputation, that's it. Nobody cares if you were rich or poor. If you were a miserable evil person but happened to be a billionaire the only thing people are going to remember is you were a miserable person no one is going to remember the rest," said Gural.

Gural says he is also working on establishing a foundation that will grant $1 million annually to non-profits in the community. 

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