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Town of Troupsburg keeps Trooper Nicholas Clark's memory alive

TROUPSBURG, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - New York State Trooper Nicholas Clark resided in the Town of Troupsburg for the last few years. He was originally from Canisteo.

The Trooper lost his life on Monday in an exchange of gun fire between police and a school principle at a home in the Town of Erwin. Clark was responding to a call of a suicidal person.

Some residents in Troupsburg said they didn't know Trooper Clark personally, but did know his parents.

Troupsburg Town Supervisor Ron Button said he worked with his father at the Troupsburg Highway Department. Button said Clark was a man who was not afraid of anything.

"I've seen him as he was growing up as he would come to my work, where his stepfather worked and so-forth," Button said. "I've seen him through life and thought, 'boy, what a handsome guy he is,' and his personality was just great."

A black fabric is draped along one of the garage doors at the Troupsburg Fire Department. It's a tradition the fire department holds when a member of law enforcement or an emergency responder passes away.

A banner was donated by a Corning business and brought into Troupsburg. The banner is to commemorate the memory of Trooper Clark. 

Button says the banner will be unfurled this Saturday at the Troupsburg Fire Department. The public is invited to sign it beginning at 8 am until noon.

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