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Troy Area Schools kindness campaign

TROY, Pa. (18 NEWS) - There's a famous saying, " An act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted."

Doug Ulkins, who was the acting school superintendent when the Parkland shooting occurred, wrote a letter about how important it is to nurture our children. That starts with kindness. 

"Project Kind" teaches students to be conscientious and kind to everyone. 

In the wake of such a horrific  event, community members, thought partnering with the Animal care Sanctuary would be a great way to show kindness.  

The Animal Care Sanctuary will receive $1 dollar for every pair of shoes donated.

As for the shoes, they will be sent to disadvantaged countries in the Middle East and Africa. There, they micro companies will sell them, allowing women 

Students say they enjoyed the chance to be apart of something bigger themselves. 

Though it's just in its infancy stage, the district says they hope to continue project Kind Campaign as well as their work with the Animal Care Sanctuary, in order to make it apart of their school culture. 

Take a note from these students.In a world where you can be anything. be kind. 

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