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Two dogs left with bullets after home invasion

ERIN, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - A family went to the Italian Festival in Watkins Glen last Friday and went home to the unimaginable. 

Walter Granger, from Erin, said his living room was covered in blood, and it appeared someone had entered his home through the back door.  

His first instinct was to check on his two German Shepherds. 

"I was fearful for my dogs because I knew they were in the house," Granger said. "They protect my house too, so that was my first thought." 

Granger said he imagines the dogs tried to stop the intruders, and they fired back, leaving bullet wounds in both dogs. 

The dogs were taken to Cornell University late Friday night for surgery. They were able to remove the bullet from one of the dogs. The other dog is at Lake Roads Animal Hospital awaiting surgery to remove the last bullet.

The German Shepherd with the bullet remaining is not just a family pet. He is a service dog for Granger's wife, who suffers from spinal compression. 

"I don't know if he'll be able to do that still, now that he has a bullet lodged in his back," Granger said. 

Michael Brennan, the doctor performing the surgery, remains positive on the outcome. 

"The hope is he'll make a full recovery," Brennan said. "There is concerns and complications that can a rise, so time will tell us that." 

The investigation is still on going and State Police said they are exploring leads. If anyone has more information, they are asked to call the State Police in Horseheads at (607) 739-8797.

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