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Underwater Robotics Competition

CAMPBELL, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - This morning students from Addison, Bath, Elmira and Waverly school districts were competing in the pool, with their robots. 

The competitions included three separate areas, buoyancy, balance and understanding operator control of robotics. There three areas were tested by the drag race, an artifact retrieval portion as well as a buoyancy competition.

STEM mentor Ryan Wissink says he's been involved in this program since last year and it's a great experience for the students, and it tests them in multiple areas. "Things like buoyancy and balance and understanding operator control of the robotics. So they have a drag race that they do, with a little bit of hydrodynamic engineering. They do an artifact retrieval which is happening in the background here, where they go down to the pool and they have three minutes to pull up rings or t's that we throw down there and bring them to the surface. And then we've got the neutrally buoyant competition where they drive the robots to the bottom and turn off all the motors and then it rises back to the surface, the slower it rises the more points they get."

But not all of the robots created were ready for competition, after initial trials modifications were necessary for some of the robots. "We're doing a race with our robot and our front part would get caught so it would turn really weird, so we had to take off our front and make it go backwards cause it went very fast and it didn't turn or anything when it went backwards." Said Brayden Notewary a student who was competing from Bath. 

The take away that these students gained and what they hope others in the future will gain as well, "For someone to learn stuff you know? It's a really good experience, I think everyone should do it." Said Zachary Tomisman.


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