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Unrest continues to unfold at Elmira Correctional Facility

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Following last months inmate attack on an officer and four female visitors arrested for contraband, unrest continues to unfold at the maximum security facility.

According to the press release, the last week of July proved to be a ver trying one for personnel at the facility. Two officers were injured after an inmate attacked them as they attempted to search his cell for contraband. A few days later, officers broke up seven inmate-on-inmate fights containing as many as 10 inmates, with several inmates sustaining cutting type lacerations. 

These actions led to a complete lockdown of the facility. 

On July 25th, officers recovered several makeshift weapons during the investigation into these incidents.

Officers also found an inmate attempting to flush his contraband down the toilet in his cell.The inmate in return, turned and punched one officer in the left chest.  Two officers grabbed the inmate, who continued to struggle, until they were able to get him into mechanical restraints.

Both officers sustained injuries, and one needed additional medical treatment for shoulder and back pain.

On Thursday,  July 26, an officer observed an inmate exit the phone area with a laceration near his left eye that was consistent with a cutting instrument. The inmate said he was cut from behind while on the phone. He was treated for minor injuries, and no weapon was located. 

On Saturday, July 28, an inmate reports he was cut by an unknown inmate while on his way back to the cell block from recreation. The inmate sustained two lacerations to the head. No weapon was located. 

On Sunday, July 29,  a 10 man fight broke out in the gym recreation yard. According to authorities, several rounds of OC Spray were used to quell the fight. Officers located two sharpened weapons on the ground. During the search, another brief, two man fight broke out.  Officers quickly contained the fight.  A third weapon was seized by an officer when one of the combatants dropped it on the ground.  Three inmates sustained lacerations during the altercation.

On Monday, July 30, two inmates fought during breakfast. One inmate sustained minor injuries and no weapon was located during the investigation.  Later in the day during a search of an inmate’s cell, officers located Synthetic Marijuana and Suboxone hidden in a bundle of toilet paper.

 On Tuesday, July 31, a four inmate fight in the laundry corridor occurred. Officers were able to contain the situation by using body holds on the inmates. Officers later located a razor blade on the floor. Three inmates sustained lacerations and an officer was transported to a local hospital after being exposed to blood. 

 20 minutes after that brawl, two more fights occurred. A four man fight occurred in the cell block. The inmates stopped fighting after being told to stop. Then, officers recovered two shank type weapons on the floor.  Two inmates sustained lacerations.  Minutes later, a six man fight broke out in the laundry area. All orders by staff were ignored.  OC Spray was administered  and the inmates stopped fighting.

NYSCOPBA Western Region Vice President, Joe Miano said: 

 “ The number of  inmate on inmate attacks that occurred at Elmira Correctional Facility last week is alarming. It literally seemed like once you contained one fight, another broke out in another area, one more serious than the other. Our officers on duty did an excellent job  quickly containing each situation and removing the makeshift weapons used in the attacks.  Even so, two officers were attacked and several sustained minor injuries containing the volatile situations. This, once again, paints a clear picture of the dangerous nature our officers face every minute of the day while on duty. Clear and simple, DOCCS has not done enough to reduce the amount of violence inside our facilities.  The inmates involved will face disciplinary measures but the severity of the punishment amounts to a slap on the hand and simply doesn’t deter them.” 

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