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Vote for your favorite gingerbread creation at the Rockwell

CORNING, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - The deadline has passed and the pieces are in.

Gingerbread creations arrived on Tuesday morning at the Rockwell Museum for its annual Gingerbread Invitational contest. 

Eight pieces were made in total from the hobbyist to the professional baker and all depict something from the region. 

18 News visited the museum to check them all out.

Starting at random with the Elmira Heights Theater, it's the last single-screen theater in Chemung County. The gingerbread version features expired candies from the actual theater. 

Artists made the Chemung Canal Trust Company building and they chose it because of its rich history in the Southern Tier and the building's prominent presence when driving through Elmira. 

Another design includes the carousel in Elmira's Eldridge Park which was built in the 1890's. It has a long history of being removed, replaced, and restored. 

The Corning Glass Works arch, which stands in front of Corning Incorporated's headquarters, is resembled and displays a sturdy stature just like its real life free-standing brick.

The National Susan B. Anthony Museum and House in Rochester was also created and the artists say it was inspired by the "powerful women in our lives."

The contest has become a holiday tradition for local families.

"People are just blown away by the talent," Willa Vogel, marketing and project manager at the Rockwell, said. "People are inspired to make their own at home, and then of course, just being here in the museum is really special."

You can also find a duplicate of Smithome Farm which is owned and farmed by six generations of Smiths. It's now 600 acres and is one of the last working farms in Big Flats. 

The Centerway Walking Bridge was also made the creation spans the Chemung River showing a fisherman catching his dinner. The maze can also be seen in the gingerbread version. 

Lastly, a snowy Belhurst Castle was executed. It's listed on the National Register of Historic Properties and the artists say it's a blend of architectural and natural beauty of the Finger Lakes region.

You can cast your vote for your favorite starting this Friday, but it can only be done in person and not online. 

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