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Watkins Glen State Park's visitor center opening in time for Memorial Day

WATKINS GLEN, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Watkins Glen State Park's $6 million renovation of the visitor center is easing to an end starting Friday. For the past year, the visitor center has been under construction.

This weekend, the public is welcomed to enjoy some of the new facilities like the cafe and gift shop. There have also been improvements to the water and electrical quality. 

The park manager is hoping these improvements will bring more people to Watkins Glen. 

"The park here hasn't seen improvements in about four decades," Ron Roney, Park Manager of Watkins Glen State Park said. "With the increased visitation that we have and the more interest in getting people to get outside to a healthy lifestyle, to experience what is outside, get back with nature with the beautiful waterfalls and things that are here we really need to enhance the visitor experience and that's what this accomplishment is all about."

The renovations are paid for by state funding for New York State Parks. 

The Park is expecting tens and thousands of people just for this Memorial Day weekend and about 1 million for the coming season. 


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