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What does the federal government shutdown mean on a local level?

BATH, N.Y. (18 NEWS) - Washington politicians have figured out a way to keep the government open for the next three weeks. 

Government operations were put to a halt because of money running out. Not all, but several national memorials and monuments were closed this past weekend. 

With many national agencies affected, it gained traction on the internet with hashtags like #SchumerShutdown and #TrumpShutdown, but what impact does it have locally?

In Bath, Steuben County was concerned about program reimbursement for Medicaid and other social services like SafetyNet. 

"Medicaid, obviously, is the biggest part of the county budget and one of the largest programs that the county runs on behalf of the state and the federal government," County Manager Jack Wheeler said. "So, it's pretty important that that money keeps flowing and the reimbursements keep flowing, and so far all indications are that they will."

He was notified on Monday morning by the Department of Health and Human Services that those programs are declared "essential" by the federal government and will continue.

Anything relating to the safety of human life and property is deemed as essential which brings us to the Bath VA. The Department of Veterans Affairs released an official contingency plan stating nearly 96 percent of its over 377,000 employees will continue to work. 

18 News reached out to the Bath VA for comment but no one called back, so we headed to the campus. Parking spots reserved for physicians were full which led us to believe that the hospital was operating. 

One national monument in the state that was affected was the Statue of Liberty which was closed for a period of time over the weekend until Governor Andrew Cuomo issued state funds to keep it open. 


The Bath VA contacted 18 News after this story aired and said the campus remained 100 percent employed during the shutdown. 

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