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Willseyville man one of 12 cast in ABC's new reality show Castaways

WILLSEYVILLE, N.Y. - A small town guy from Tioga County now knows what it's like to be shipwrecked on a deserted island.

Sawyer Brown of Willseyville is one of 12 cast members on a new ABC reality TV show called "Castaways" premiering next week.

The challenge of the show is similar to the plot of the former ABC hit drama "Lost."

The participants must figure out a way to survive on a series of South Pacific islands using items from washed-up luggage, scattered resources and abandoned structures.

There aren't any group competitions and no one is voted off the island, instead the challenge is simply to survive.

Brown says he relied on his background as a personal trainer and regular Spartan Race competitor.

"I would absolutely do it again.  I love a challenge and that was a challenge for me.  The biggest challenge of my life.  And I'm all about that, I love doing stuff like that so I'd absolutely do it again," said Brown.

The participants were all chosen based on individual challenges that they're each trying to overcome in their personal lives.

And the shows feature flashbacks to scenes involving their lives outside of the show.

Before turning his life around, Brown struggled with drug and alcohol abuse and he is working to be a better father to his three year-old son.

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