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Witnesses take the stand in attempted murder trial against Willie Jenkins

ELMIRA, N.Y. (18 News) - After just one day of testimony, the attempted murder trial of an Elmira man charged in connection to a shooting outside of a 7-Eleven back in April will go to the jury Wednesday.

The defendant Willie Jenkins, 42, is being charged with second-degree attempted murder, assault in the first degree, and criminal use of a firearm, among other charges.

Surveillance footage in court Tuesday showed a group of men, including Jenkins, inside the 7-Eleven store on Davis Street, having an altercation. The footage then showed the men leave the store and continue the argument outside.

In opening statements, John Thweatt, Chemung County Chief Assistant District Attorney, told the jury a witness inside the store playing the lotto will attest to Jenkins shooting the victim, Isaiah Green.

The Defense Attorney, John Brennan, told the jury surveillance video will show the witness' attention was towards scratching off his lottery ticket, and could not have been paying close attention to what was happening outside.

A 7-Eleven employee who was at the store during the altercation took the stand. The witness said he tried to get a visual when Jenkins and the rest of the group moved outside, but because of a glare and the time of night, he could not see anything.

Despite the employee testifying that he could not see outside the window, the witness playing the lottery said he was able to see Jenkins from outside from where he was standing. He testified that he saw Jenkins turn and pull out something, and then heard a loud bang, and next saw the victim fall on the ground.

Brennan said Jenkins' bright orange hat he was wearing that night plays a big role in the case. Brennan said that the color stands out, especially when trying to put the pieces together after a traumatic event.

The gun involved in the incident was not found, according to police.

Jenkins is charged with second-degree murder in an unrelated case, in connection to a stabbing at Gush's Thirsty Bear in Elmira on June 12.

The closing arguments will start Wednesday at 9 a.m. Wednesday in Chemung County Court, and then the jury will begin deliberations.

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