ROCHESTER, N.Y. (WROC) — Opening Memorial Day weekend, the LEGOLAND New York resorts says they are setting up to be the ultimate summer destination.

Located in Goshen, the new resort will feature waterspouts, water slides, and a 318-gallon water bucket. There will also be Lego boats available to build and race. Guests can also admire Lego built cities, constructed of 22 million Lego bricks.

Public Relationship Manager for LEGOLAND New York Matt Besterman says the new resort is the perfect park experience for families.

“Families can come, they can splash in the water playground, and they can experience everything that LEGOLAND New York has to offer,” Besterman said. “We have rides and attractions for families with kids ages two to 12.”

Besterman highlighted the recent certification by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards of LEGOLAND New York becoming a certified Autism Center.

“What that means is every member of our staff has received training in best practices to serve guests that have autism or other sensory challenges,” Besterman said. “On every single one of our rides and attractions is a posted Sensory Guide, which can alert you to any bright lights and loud sound, anything to families might need to plan around. And there are quiet rooms, also in the park, for those who might just need a quiet and low sensory place to decompress.”

Some highlighted events that will take place at LEGOLAND New York is the Red, White, and BOOM Fireworks spectacular in July. Five nights of fireworks will begin on June 30, and guests can have nights in the park for live music, games, and admire the Lego cities.

For those visiting and looking for a place to stay, the LEGOLAND Hotel is just steps away from the theme park, according to Besterman. He says it is an experience all in itself.

“Every single room is completely Lego themed,” Besterman said. “There are four Lego themes to choose from, and there are scavenger hunts in every room. There’s a castle pirate play structure in the midst of the lobby. There are meet and greets with LEGOLAND characters, and story time every night. So really, it’s the best way to extend your LEGOLAND experience through a whole day or even several days.”

Those interested in visiting LEGOLAND can see more of what they have to offer here.