UPDATE — New York State Police have announced that a third victim has died as a result of the I-390 van crash in Wayland over the weekend.

State police say that the newborn baby who was successfully delivered after Its mother died from her injuries at the hospital has also died.

Police say that the infant had been taken to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester for further evaluation following its delivery, but as of Monday, Aug. 21, the infant has been reported to have died.

The investigation into the crash is still ongoing, more information will be shared if and when it becomes available.

WAYLAND, N.Y. (WETM) — The victims of a deadly vehicle crash in Wayland on Saturday have been released by New York State Police.

According to state police, 40-year-old Margarita Ramirez-Luna died of her injuries after being taken to Nicholas-Noyes Hospital in Dansville following a van rollover on I-390 involving 13 people.

Police also confirm that 12-year-old Alex Andrade died and was pronounced dead at the scene by the Steuben County Coroner.

Police learned that the driver, 41-year-old Adrian Andrade-Dolores had lost control of the 2005 E-350 van after the rear passenger tire failed, resulting in the van going into the median and rolling numerous times.

Police released the names of the remaining individuals who were involved in the crash:

  • 34-year-old Jorge Dolores-Gonzales
  • One-year-old Mateas Ramirez
  • 49-year-old Maria Guadalupe-Ramirez
  • Eight-year-old David Estrada-Ramirez Jr.
  • 16-year-old Yasmin Ramirez
  • 22-year-old Ricardo Ramirez
  • 40-year-old David Estrada-Elias
  • Eight-year-old Daniel Ramirez
  • 37-year-old Elizabeth Ramirez-Luna
  • 43-year-old Rosario Ramirez-Luna

Of the 13 involved in the crash, nine were taken to area hospitals via ambulance and helicopter.

Ramirez-Luna was pregnant; with her child being successfully delivered at the hospital by hospital staff, the infant has since been taken to Strong Memorial Hospital in Rochester for further evaluation.

Police say that the investigation is ongoing.