ELMIRA, NY (WETM)- In Chemung County there are elections for 14 county legislative districts. There are also elections for state assembly, Campbell town justice, Fremont councilman and Steuben county committee member.

“I will say from the time the polls closed at nine o’clock till the results were finally on the Board of Elections website at like 1030 or something, I was pacing like crazy,” says Lawana Morse, “I’m really going to dig into the county charter, learn what the legislative branch has the power over different things, look at prior meetings and then just start doing what I’ve done the past few months, knocking on doors and getting to meet the community.”

Lawana Morse is a current tax accountant and mother of four. She had no plans to run until someone approached her and said she’d be perfect for this role. However, there were 13 other districts that held elections for county legislator. For a full list of all of the local elections, click here.

All the races had a clear winner, except for District 11, that race is still too close to call.

“You know, I want to see a better stronger community for my children and everyone’s children. The roads are in good repair crime is running rampant homelessness, you know, so to help aid into getting beneficial changes,” says Tanisha Logan-Lattimore, “…for the fact that anything that happens, affects me and my family. So, I would like to have a say in those things.”

Logan-Lattimore says whoever wins in District 11, she would like to see changes made to all of district 11, not just the west side or Downtown.

Brent Stermer is up against Logan-Lattimore and he ran because, “I want to capitalize on that districts asset of being on the river. Everything would somehow be paramount to the river, whether it’s we tell stories, whether its the tourism, whether its the architecture, or its the artwork.”

Stermer adds that no matter what, he’ll always work with anyone he needs to in order to accomplish what is best for the city of Elmira.