ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — 18 News along with Excellus Blue Cross Blue Shield is honoring Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue as this month’s Non-Profit Organization of the month.

Rainbow of Hope Animal Rescue has been operating since 2007. They were formerly known as Friends of Schuyler County Animal Shelter which opened in 2004.

“We are an all volunteer based 501(c)-3 none for profit organization that uses foster homes for the dogs that we place up for adoption, said Lynnette Gergel, Adoption Coordinator, Director of Fundraising for Rainbow of Hope. “We tend to specialize in special needs. That’s kind of our area of expertise, myself and our director.”

Rainbow of Hope has seven foster homes for dogs who are in need. They help dogs of all breeds and ages including those who have special needs with medical care or behavioral needs.

If anyone is a foster home, the organization covers all medical, all nutritional, and all supplies for the dog.

The organization depends on donations from the community to operate. They hold many events to raise funds that go towards animal care.

“We solely rely on our local community for donations in terms of monetary donations and things that we can use for the dogs,” Gergel said. “Bandfield Baker who is one of our local supporters. Without their support, anything from events to donations and food to supplies to taking in donations on our behalf, we would be lost without the support from Banfield.”

ROHAR partners up with multiple organizations and businesses in the Southern Tier of New York to hold events for fundraising. One organization is the Fulkerson Winery in Dundee, N.Y.

On September 27, they held their annual The Walk at Fulkerson Winery. All the admission and raffle proceeds went to benefit Rainbow of Hope.

Another business ROHAC has worked with is Starlite Room in Elmira. The non-profit held a drag show back in February of 2020 collecting over $11,000. Another fundraiser was a spaghetti dinner in August of 2020. A portion of the proceeds went to the organization.

ROHAC also partners up with an organization in Florida to hold a shoe drive in return of a monetary donation.

“We collect men’s, women’s, and kids shoes whether it’s used or not used,” said Gergel. “Banfield Baker is one of our drop off locations, and we work with a company in Florida called ‘Fun Too Org’, and we need to collect 2,500 pairs of shoes in order to receive $1,000 donation.”

Gergel said this is an easy way to collect funds that are used to give the care the rescues need. The organization also uses collected funds to help individuals who can’t pay for their pets treatment.

“It’s just a constant source of income coming in that we can use those funds to cover food, vaccines, you know any kind of preventatives for the dogs or if someone needs help financially and they have exhausted all means, we can use those funds to help assist,” Gergel said.

Rainbow of Hope also partners with other animal shelters to find fur-ever homes for pets. Libby is 9-years-old who was rescued from another animal shelter down South.

“She needed dental, vaccines, whether she needed to be spayed, I don’t remember,” said Gergel. “Libby, she’s special. She’s a big girl and very loving. We need to find that special person who would be committed to her. She loves people and really wants someone to be her person.”

Libby is currently the one dog in foster care and has been with ROHAC since Mid-March of 2020. She is looking for her fur-ever home. If you are interested in adopting Libby, becoming a foster home, or donating to the organization, you can call (607) 562-8085 or message them on Facebook.

ROHAC will also be holding their Make-A-Difference fundraiser on Saturday, Oct 24. It was be a bake sale and raffle at Banfield Baker. (2512 Corning Rd, Elmira, NY 14903)

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