Tom Reed

Rep. Tom Reed was elected to the U.S. House, representing New York’s 23rd Congressional District and assumed office on January 3, 2013.

Tom Reed is the youngest of 12 and was raised in Corning, New York by his single mother Betty Barr Reed. His father, Tom Sr., died when Reed was only 2-years-old and was a decorated career military officer.

Tom continues to reside in Corning in a home that his grandfather built, with his wife Jean, and their two children Autumn and Will.

Reed was first brought on into congress in a special election in 2010 representing the 29th district. Before working for Congress, Reed was the Mayor of Corning in 2008-2009. Then in 2010 he

Reed co-chairs the Problem Solvers Caucus which is a group of 24 Republicans and 24 Democrats with the goal to “support what the group considers to be bipartisan solutions to legislative and policy issues.”

Reed attended Alfred University and graduated in 1993. Then he made his way to Ohio Northern University College of Law and graduated in 1996.

Tracy Mitrano

Tracy Mitrano is a cybersecurity expert, teacher, wife, and mother. She was born and raised in Western New York and has lived in the Southern Tier Finger Lakes region throughout her adult life.

As a teenager, she worked at her father’s restaurant in downtown Rochester.  Mitrano knows the value of hard work and will do whatever it takes to help New York’s 23rd district sow fields, grow local businesses, and harvest the incredible potential of communities.

Tracy became the first member of her family to go to college. She received a Ph.D. in American History from Binghamton University and a law degree from Cornell University in Ithaca.

In her early career —Mitrano taught American History, family, social policy, internet law, practiced corporate and family law before becoming the Director of Information Technology Policy at Cornell University.

As a teacher and administrator, Mitrano worked with hundreds of students. Teaching, mentoring, and helping them prepare for the next stage in their lives and become meaningful members of society.

In 2014, Mitrano began information management, security, and privacy consulting business in 2016. She created a cybersecurity certificate program for the University of Massachusetts Amherst, becoming a member of the EDUCAUSE Board, the NY State Board of Education Task Force on Distance Education, and the Tompkins County Legislature Broadband Committee.

After her career in education, Mitrano sat on the town planning board for almost ten years and was a trustee to the Tompkins County Public Library. She also served as assigned counsel attorney for many years in New York, earning reduced wages to represent people who didn’t have the money to help themselves in custody, abuse, and neglect cases.

Tracy Mitrano moved into politics after watching the community suffer as the local economy lagged, watching friends and neighbors lose farms and businesses. She saw families split apart as their children move far away to find employment or worse, surrender to addiction.

Mitrano moved to step up in politics after watching the government’s inability to adequately address, stop, or even grasp the foreign interference in the 2016 elections.

In 2018, Mitrano faced Congressman Tom Reed, and on March 19, 2020, she secured the Democratic line on the ballot as the New York 23rd District Democratic Congressional Candidate.

Policymaking experience will allow her to start working to develop legislative solutions to the challenges facing the district and nation. With decades of experience in large institutions, Tracy knows how to bring people together from different sides of an issue to make progress on complex subjects.

Her experience in cybersecurity policy gives her a unique understanding of the threats that face the nation today and how the federal government has a role in protecting the privacy and keeping citizens safe.

While campaigning, Mitrano is standing for—healthcare, infrastructure, social security and medicare, economy, Civil Rights, education, second amendment gun prevention, environment, immigration, labor, agriculture, cybersecurity, and national security.

If elected this November, Tracy Mitrano would be the only cybersecurity expert in congress.

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