NEW YORK STATE (WSYR-TV) – Governor Andrew Cuomo is trying to make voting in New York State a little easier.

On Tuesday, he signed legislation to ensure that absentee ballots match the ones used on Election Day.

The new legislation also guarantees that simplified absentee ballot applications created in 2010 are used in school district elections.

“This year we enacted historic reforms to modernize our antiquated voting process and strengthen our election system,” Governor Cuomo said. “These measures build on that progress by ensuring absentee ballots match the ballots that in-person voters use on Election Day and simplified absentee ballot applications are used in school district elections, making it easier for voters to exercise their fundamental right to vote.”

The Governor has been working to make voting easier on New York State residents. In September, he signed legislation that allowed for party enrollment changes, which would make it easier for voters to participate in primary elections. This removed the October 11 deadline and gives voters until February 14 to make changes to party enrollment and still vote in the April presidential and June congressional and state primaries.

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