Chris Heatley’s United Kingdom roots are now planted in New York. “There’s a lot of sadness in the UK today you know reflection as well it’s a somber time,” says Heatley, former UK resident now in Eagle Bridge.

The Irish American Heritage Museum in Albany saying the Queen was instrumental in repairing relations between the nations.

“She kind of stretched out the hand of friendship I think and forgiveness to Ireland and that was warmly received,” says Irish American Heritage Museum Executive Director, Dr. Elizabeth

Man of Kent restaurant Vice President Andy Bombard Jr continuing to represent the original owner’s love of all thing Britain.

“My brother owns Man of Kent now. He bought it from a guy named John Stoate, who is from Kent County in England, and he opened this place with all the British charm that we have now,” says Bombard Jr.

 Bombard telling us the mood there was somber with today’s news.

“The thought was that she did a great job while she was in power, and she lived a nice long life and they were sad to see her go,” says Bombard Jr.

The Queen leaves behind a legacy unlike anyone before her. She was the longest reigning British Monarch.

And, even for those who didn’t meet her in person, she made an impact. Heatley recalled her outreach during a time of war, “when the kids were evacuated from the city during the bombings of World War 2 she would reach out during radio addresses during Children’s Hour which they had on the radio, reach out to other children to let them know they were not alone”.

And mourners know they will not be alone now as they share their grief with the world.