Cloudy start to the day and we stay cloudy for our Tuesday. These clouds will hold as an area of low pressure moves in. For most of the day, we are dry but that changes this evening. Widespread snow moves in this evening around the dinner time hours and some cold rain is possible in the valley locations. Temperatures are well below average today and this favors that wintry precipitation.


Below average temperatures continue tonight but temperatures will be increasing. The widespread snow turns to a wintry mix late overnight and then we see all rain showers by early tomorrow morning. Impacts to travel tonight and also tomorrow morning are possible. General snowfall totals will range from 1-3 inches with the higher totals in higher elevations and lower totals in the valleys. This will be a temperature and elevation dependent system.


Our area of low pressure exits by mid morning and then we see winds in favor of lake-effect showers. Due to temperatures staying below average, snow and rain showers are expected. These lake-effect showers continue into the overnight.