Clouds are starting our day and this is ahead of some active weather. A snow/wintry mix moves in late morning and quickly turns to rain by this afternoon as temperatures continue to increase. Our high temperature does not actually occur until later tonight. This is due to warm air continuing to move in and plenty of moisture. Winds also increase across the area out of the southeast. Gusts today could reach over 20 mph. A Wind Advisory is in effect from this evening into Friday evening.


Rain is steady overnight and moderate to heavy at times. Throughout the night, steady rain will turn to showers. Temperatures do not drop that much overnight. Winds continue to strengthen tonight with gusts reaching over 35 mph.


Winds really pick up Friday as a strong cold front enters the region. Gusts along and behind the front could reach over 45 mph. This cold front will significantly drop our temperatures and it will happen fast. We go from rain ahead of the cold front to snow pretty quickly. Total rain accumulation could reach over an inch for many locations and along with snowmelt may cause some minor flooding. The winds are another concern. Our biggest concern will be what happens behind the cold front. It is the drop in temperatures that will result in a flash freeze as temperatures drop 30-40 degrees in the matter of hours. All that rain ahead of the front results in wet surfaces which will then lead to icy conditions quickly. Snowfall behind the front will add to the travel hazards even though it will be light. Blowing snow is possible due to the strong winds and can reduce visibility.