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Which bloody bath mats for Halloween are best?

A bloody bath mat could send chills down your spine as you step out of the shower. It is the perfect way to stay on your toes and shake up the Halloween holiday season. There are mats covered with fake blood stains and color-changing bath mats that make it look like you made the bloodstains yourself. 

If you want a color-changing bloody bath mat to create a fun visual effect when it comes into contact with water, the IntroWizard’s Bloody Bath Mat is the top choice. The discreet sheet of color-changing material makes for a fun, bloody effect as water drips onto the surface.

What to know before you buy a bloody bath mat for Halloween

What kind of Halloween decorations do you like?

shower curtain

A bloody bath mat, perhaps with a shower curtain or mirror clings too, can complete the Halloween bathroom decor. However, there are lots of festive Halloween items to display elsewhere in the home. If you want a comfy and quality bath mat to use year-round, you may want to find a high-quality mat and pick out other kinds of Halloween decorations.

What is your bathroom layout?

Consider not only the floor space of the bathroom but also how many mats you will need. If your shower and bathtub are separate, you may want more than one bloody bath mat. Would you like a bath mat in front of the toilet? Do you want the mats to match, or would you like a variety of macabre Halloween decorations? Depending on your tastes and the interior bathroom space you have to work with, compare the measurements of any bath mats before you buy.

Do you want a standalone mat?

Some bloody bath mats for Halloween have a very thin layer of material. For a thicker, more absorbent bath mat, you may need to either use a regular bath mat in conjunction with the novelty mat or find a printed mat of suitable quality to use on its own.

What to look for in a quality bloody bath mat for Halloween

Visual Quality

This feature does not apply to color-changing bloody mats, which will simply display a pattern based on the liquid that a user brings in contact with the mat. However, for bloody Halloween bath mats featuring a print that remains unchanging, the best have clear, bright colors that easily distinguish the printed design from any dirt or dust that could accumulate over several uses. Some printed images are just better quality than others. 


The best bloody bath mats will not cause real blood to be spilled. Look for bath mats that could be placed on top of other mats with a strong gripping surface on the bottom, or find a novelty bath mat that features an excellent non-slip base. Bath mats mustn’t slide and shift around due to the weight of users moving from side to side. If a mat does not have a good gripping surface, be careful while walking across the mat.


Depending on the space in the bathroom, a smaller or larger mat could be better suited to the room. Consider that a larger mat size using the same graphic print as a smaller variation of the same product may have a lower final print quality due to the image resolution. On the other hand, very detailed Halloween graphics may look better on a larger bath mat canvas.

How much you can expect to spend on a bloody bath mat for Halloween

You can find high-quality, printed Halloween bath mats for under $30. Thicker bath mat materials with good printing quality will usually cost more money than simple decorative novelty items.

Bloody bath mat for Halloween FAQ

Are bloody Halloween bath mats safe?

A. Mats that feature printed blood and other Halloween visuals are safe because the blood and other prints are not real. These products are just a novelty and intended to be fun. Some novelty bloody bath mat products function alone in place of other bathmats, while others are placed on top of proper bath mats for safe usage. To determine if a mat is safe to use stepping out of the shower, check if it has an extra grip on the bottom and that the material is similar to a towel. Thin materials that do not absorb water cannot be used instead of a bath mat.

Can you use bloody bath mats for a prank?

A. Bath mats that have a normal appearance before coming in contact with water should be used with caution. It can be a fun visual effect to see the water suddenly turn into red marks on a bath mat, but bathroom floors can be slippery, especially right after a shower or bath. Be careful not to scare or surprise anyone with a novelty color-changing bath mat who could potentially fall or injure themselves. It is fun to get into the spirit of Halloween, but consider safety and judge for yourself, as this can depend on your personal circumstances. 

What’s the best bloody bath mat for Halloween to buy?

Top bloody bath mat for Halloween

IntroWizard’s Bloody Bath Mat

IntroWizard Store Bloody Bath Mat

What you need to know: The high-quality IntroWizard bath mat features a spooky color-changing function that turns drops of water into bloody marks.

What you’ll love: The mat is a plastic sheet that is rather discreet and easily blends in with plain white floors. It comes in a few sizes and quantities. It is very thin and could be used as a top layer over your favorite thick bath mat to absorb excess moisture. The bloody marks fade as the mat dries.

What you should consider: This mat is so thin that some users have had trouble with it leaving water all over the floor. Using a regular bath mat in addition to the decorative one will probably be necessary.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top bloody Halloween bath mat for the money

QKD Inc. Bloody Hands Bath Mat

QKD Inc. Bloody Hands Bath Mat

What you need to know: This affordable bath mat features bloody graphics and looks as if a ghost lives beneath the floor.

What you’ll love: The printed mat has bloody handprints and markings to accompany a mysterious silhouette. The mat comes in a few different sizes, depending on the space in the bathroom. It uses a soft microfiber memory foam. You can wash the bath mat in a machine on a gentle cycle, but avoid using chlorine or bleach, damaging the print.  

What you should consider: This mat does not have a color-changing function. It is just a printed pattern.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Doyleena Bathroom Rugs 2 Piece Microfiber Set

Doyleena Bathroom Rugs 2 Piece Microfiber Set

What you need to know: This set of standalone rugs with fake bloodstains printed on them gives the whole bathroom a scary aesthetic.

What you’ll love: The set comes with a bath mat and a companion mat shaped for placing in front of a toilet seat. The bottom of the mat has a non-slip latex coating. The mats are absorbent and meant to be used as standalone bath mats without any other mats being needed to dry your feet.

What you should consider: There is no color-changing function, so the design you see is all the bloodstains that will be on the mat.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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