Which farmhouse comforter set is best?

You don’t have to live in a converted farmhouse to achieve the rural, down-home style of farmhouse decor. Many brands offer farmhouse chic goods that you can bring into the comfort of your modern home. 

A farmhouse comforter set offers a cozy, charming look for the bedroom. These three-piece sets include a comforter or a duvet cover and two pillowcases, and the aesthetic is simple and vintage. A ruffled bedspread and matching ruffled shams offers a light, airy look, such as the Lush Decor Ruffle Skirt Bedspread 3-Piece Set.  

What to know before you buy a farmhouse comforter set


Farmhouse comforter sets that include a comforter generally feature a cotton comforter with polyester fill. Compared to down-filled comforters, it’s much easier to clean — it’s machine-washable and can be tumble dried. The comforter has decorative features like traditional stitching, embroidery, textured patterns or stripes. These three-piece sets generally include two matching decorative pillow shams.

Comforter/duvet cover

Farmhouse comforter sets that don’t include a comforter include a duvet or comforter cover instead. This cover is designed to encase and protect your comforter or duvet and is secured closed with buttons, ties or a zipper. These covers come in colors or patterns associated with the farmhouse aesthetic, though they may not be as embellished or textured as sets including comforters. Be sure to buy a set that fits your existing comforter or duvet or purchase one separately.


Select farmhouse comforter sets offer bedspreads instead of comforter covers. Bedspreads are designed to drape over the entire bed and often extend down to the floor. They don’t have any fill but are thicker than a normal sheet. They also offer decorative features like ruffles, elaborate stitching or fringe. They hide comforters, so you don’t need a separate comforter cover if you’re using a bedspread over a comforter or duvet. 


A farmhouse comforter set that includes a quilt instead of a comforter adds an old-fashioned look to the bed with elaborate stitching, embroidery or a patchwork design. While thinner than a comforter, a quilt still contains some fill and can keep you quite warm at night. You can also layer a quilt over a comforter for extra warmth, which hides the comforter and eliminates the need for a duvet cover. 

Pillowcases vs. shams

All farmhouse comforter sets come with a pair of pillowcases or a pair of shams. Shams are more decorative and may include ruffles, stitching or textured patterns matching the comforter, offering a throw pillow aesthetic. Shams often come in standard pillow sizing, but some brands offer queen- or king-size pillow shams, which are longer. Be sure the sham size matches the pillows you want covered. Farmhouse comforter sets that include pillowcases are typically less decorative and fit standard-size pillows and are more appropriate for sleeping on. 

What to look for in a quality farmhouse comforter set


Farmhouse comforter sets come in twin, full, queen and king sizes. Many brands offer a full/queen comforter size as well.


White, light and neutral tones characterize farmhouse decor. Expect comforter sets to come in pale hues with dusty blue, gray, sage green or blush accents. 


Thin stripes are a popular pattern featured in farmhouse comforter sets. Geometric patterns, like tufted diamond accents, are popular. You can also find delicate floral designs or plain plaid. 


Reversible comforters are typical of farmhouse comforter sets with patterned or striped comforters, giving you two different stylish looks in one comforter. 

OEKO-TEX certified

For a hypoallergenic comforter set, look for one that’s OEKO-TEX certified, meaning it’s free from a host of chemicals typically used in textile manufacturing. 

How much you can expect to spend on a farmhouse comforter set

Farmhouse comforter sets range in price from $40-$400. For a well-made queen-size set, expect to pay $70-$140.

Farmhouse comforter set FAQ

If a comforter set includes a duvet cover, can I use it for my comforter? 

A. Yes, you can use a duvet cover to encase your comforter. Just be sure the duvet cover and the size of your comforter match. Likewise, you can use a comforter cover to protect your duvet. 

Can I put my comforter in the dryer?

A. Most farmhouse comforter sets include comforters that can be tumble-dried on a low setting. It’s recommended to use wool dryer balls to help the fill stay fluffy and dry evenly. Be sure to check the care instructions before laundering your farmhouse comforter at home.

What’s the best farmhouse comforter set to buy?

Top farmhouse comforter set

Lush Decors Ruffle Skirt Bedspread 3 Piece Set

Lush Decor Ruffle Skirt Bedspread 3-Piece Set

What you need to know: This highly rated farmhouse set includes a traditional bedspread in a plethora of neutral hues to match any bedroom. 

What you’ll love: The ruffled bedspread is not too thick, not too thin. The skirt drapes beautifully all the way down to the floor. The shabby chic style elevates any bed frame. Although it says dry clean only, consumers find they can machine-wash the set on a gentle cycle.

What you should consider: Though soft to the touch, the material won’t keep you warm, except on warm summer nights.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top farmhouse comforter for the money

HYPREST Duvet Cover Set Soft Comfortable Farmhouse Ruffled

HYPREST Farmhouse Ruffled Duvet Cover Set

What you need to know: For a low-cost option, try this bargain-priced ruffled set that’s a fraction of the price of others.

What you’ll love: The duvet cover comes in attractive farmhouse-approved hues like blush, sage, light gray and white. The fabric is OEKO-TEX certified and machine-washable. Buyers love the duvet’s zipper closure and inside ties to keep your comforter in place.

What you should consider: This low-cost set is made from microfiber, which isn’t as soft as cotton.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Hyde Lane Cotton Comforter Farmhouse Set

Hyde Lane Cotton Farmhouse Comforter Set 

What you need to know: This attractive farmhouse comforter set comes in four decorative jacquard designs. 

What you’ll love: The cotton comforter is warm but not too heavy, making it perfect for all seasons. The microfiber underside of the comforter is soft enough to use without sheets. The neutral design is clean and simple and comes in a choice of blush, gray, navy or charcoal accents. 

What you should consider: The decorative fringe can shed. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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