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Which keto diet books are best?

The ketogenic, AKA keto, diet is a high-fat, moderate-protein and low-carb diet used for weight loss. Keto is a restrictive diet with multiple benefits that requires you to cut out carbs and sugar almost entirely. It lowers your calorie intake and puts your body into the metabolic state of ketosis, in which your body begins to burn fat for fuel. 

The restrictive nature of the diet can make it difficult to stick to. While many staple foods — whole milk, eggs, vegetables, meat and cheese — are keto, sticking to a small group of familiar foods will lead to burnout as you tire of eating the same thing all the time. Even worse, your body won’t get the nutrients it needs to thrive. 
A keto diet book provides guidelines, recipes and meal inspiration for maintaining a healthy and varied diet while losing weight with keto. You won’t make the mistake of eating eggs and bacon for every meal, and you may even be exposed to some healthy foods you haven’t tried before. For the best keto recipes and inspiration, Maria Emmerich Keto Comfort Foods can’t be beat. 

What to look for in a quality keto diet book


Recipes are perhaps the most important feature in a keto diet book. It can be challenging to eliminate carbs and make varied and exciting meals with limited ingredients, but a good keto diet book will help you keep things interesting and nutritious. For more information, take a look at the full keto diet book buying guide from BestReviews.

History and science of keto 

It’s helpful to understand the underlying biology of keto to fully take advantage of its benefits. Learning about the history of the diet, a breakdown of important terms and scientific studies on its efficacy empowers you to make the most of your diet. 

Shopping lists

A good keto book for beginners will assume you’re starting with an empty pantry. It can be overwhelming to start from scratch when stocking your pantry and fridge, but keto diet books with shopping lists will make it easy to replace the staples in your pantry with keto options and substitutions.  

If you like baked goods, you’ll need replacements like almond flour, flaxseed meal and erythritol. Keep guacamole, celery sticks, cheese and sandwich meats on hand for a quick snack. 

Meal plans

An inexperienced keto dieter can easily wind up eating monotonous and repetitive meals, which isn’t sustainable. Lack of variety can lead to health complications and won’t provide you with the nutrients you need. 

Look for a keto diet book with example meal plans to help you start off right. Try following one of these example keto meal plans and mixing it up with some of your own favorite keto-approved options. 

Visual guides to a keto diet

Visuals depicting the ideal breakdown of macros in a keto diet, images of recipes and measurement conversion tables will all help you stay engaged with your keto diet book and help you make the most out of your keto diet. 

Success stories

Keto diet books written by keto weight loss experts and bloggers often share the author’s own personal success story. This adds some credibility to the author’s content and can also help you feel motivated to continue with your diet. 

Frequently asked questions 

Learning everything about the keto diet can lead to being overwhelmed by the amount of information. If you’re feeling lost, a keto diet book with a frequently asked questions section can address uncertainties and concerns as they arise, so you can get back on track and feel confident about your keto diet. 

How much you can expect to spend on a keto diet book 

Popular keto diet paperback books range in price from $7-$25. You can also purchase keto diet books in kindle format for easy recipe reference on your e-reader or directly from your countertop on an Amazon Echo Show

Tips for a successful keto diet

Keto is a restrictive diet that can be challenging to stick to without adequate preparation. Plan ahead for success. 

  • Always talk to your doctor before you start any new diet, especially one as restrictive as keto, which can lead to health complications for some individuals. 
  • Learn to read and understand the total carbs and net carbs on food labels. As a general rule, you can subtract any carbs from fiber when calculating your macros. 
  • Keep easy, high-fat foods you love on hand to raise your fat intake in a pinch. For example, if your macros aren’t where they need to be around dinner time, avocado or cheese can get you back on track. 
  • Plan your meals for the week ahead of time so that you don’t end up eating the same thing everyday or even breaking your diet.
  • Bring your own food to social gatherings to curb cravings and avoid eating carb-heavy food. 
  • Finding a supportive community can help you stick with a diet. There are online communities on sites, like Reddit and Facebook, that anyone can join.
  • Natural, whole foods like plants, meat and fish are always the best choice in a keto diet. Try not to rely on processed foods with synthetic ingredients. 

Keto diet FAQ

How do I know if I’m in ketosis? 

A. The best way to reliably determine if you’re in ketosis is with a device that measures your ketone levels. Breath analyzers and blood meters can measure your ketone levels, but the most popular way to check for ketosis is using urine analysis sticks, which change color to indicate your ketone levels. 

How does the keto diet differ from the paleo diet? 

A. The paleo diet, AKA the Paleolithic or stone age diet, imitates the foods that made up the diets of Paleolithic era hunter gatherers. Since grains, beans and processed foods are restricted in a paleo diet, there are some similarities to keto. However, a paleo diet also restricts dairy, whereas keto allows full-fat milk. Paleo diets also allow some high-carb foods like sweet potatoes, which are a grade-F food for keto.  

How do I prevent the “keto flu?” 

A. Some people experience temporary flu-like symptoms when they begin a keto diet, such as irritability and stomach problems. The symptoms typically begin in the first day or two of cutting out carbs and may last up to a week. To avoid this unpleasant experience, increase your intake of water, electrolytes and salt. Avoid strenuous exercise and prioritize rest while your body adjusts to its new fuel source. 

What’s the best keto diet book to buy?

Top keto diet book

Maria Emmerich Keto Comfort Foods


Maria Emmerich Keto Comfort Foods

What you need to know: A keto diet book with recipes like chocolate donuts, chicken pot pies, pot roast and “mashed fauxtatoes” that certainly don’t feel like diet food.

What you’ll love: While many love the rapid weight loss associated with keto, sacrificing your favorite foods is enough to make anyone feel undetermined. Emmerich delivers nostalgic recipes with familiar ingredients that will help you stick to a keto diet without feeling deprived of the joy of good eats.

What you should consider: Many of the recipes in this book are too involved for some people to prepare on weeknights, and some require substitutions that you won’t find at a grocery store. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Top keto diet book for the money

Jen Fisch The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook

Jen Fisch The Easy 5-Ingredient Ketogenic Diet Cookbook 

What you need to know: An accessible and budget-friendly book for those who want a keto diet without costly substitutions. 

What you’ll love: The recipes in this keto diet cookbook are simple and delicious enough to share with your whole family. Most depend on only a few key ingredients and are straightforward enough to make on busy nights. Great for people who are just getting started with keto. 

What you should consider: There are no pictures of the finished product included alongside the recipes in this cookbook, which isn’t good for visual learners. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon 

Worth checking out

Suzanne Ryan Simply Keto

Suzanne Ryan Simply Keto

What you need to know: An informative book from a beloved keto author with quick and easy essential keto recipes. 

What you’ll love: You’ll find delicious and simple keto recipes like blueberry mug muffins, chicken alfredo bowls, mini pizzas, casseroles bagels, pancakes and more in this keto diet cookbook. You’ll also find store-specific grocery lists, meal plans and insights into Ryan’s own keto weight loss journey to keep you motivated and on track. 

What you should consider: Some customers feel this cookbook has too many ingredients per recipe.  

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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