(WETM)- We are just days away from the Super Bowl and the excitement is buzzing. Something fun you can do with friends is a super bowl square, but what is it and how does it work? 

Scott Vang, a fantasy football expert explains, “it’s a compilation of 100 squares, right? You have 10 rows horizontally and vertically… and then based on who’s setting it up, you put a team on either axis. So, you put the NFC on one side, AFC on the other side, because in this case, we’re talking about the super bowl, you’ve established who’s going to be in each square. “

The fun part is the chance to win some money, which is ok because sports betting is now legal in New York! You determine that a bunch of different ways, but, we’ll keep it simple.  Let start with a small amount.

Vang says, “let’s say it’s $1 per square. You can get a few and fill the board up. Once you do that, you pick numbers, zero to nine, all the way across the axis. Those can be in any specific order. If you really wanted to be simple, you just pick them out, 0,2,3,4,5, all the way to nine and then same thing down the other axis. 

We know what you’re thinking… how do you win? Vang explains further, “once you get your corresponding numbers meaning…. at the end of every quarter if you’re score, and the team scores line up with let’s say that you picked number nine or four, in this case, the end of the first quarter, the scores 14 to nine my square hits, and based on what the payouts or the perks are for the board, I would have won that quarter. 

May your board be in your favor!