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Which ‘Octonauts’ toy is best?

The Octonauts are the perfect animated adventure buddies for kids who love to learn about ocean animals. Your child can interact with their favorite characters with toys including plush figures, playsets that transform and pullback vehicles. For a toy your child can add to as they explore the Octonauts’ world, the “Octonauts: Above and Beyond” Octopod Playset is the best.

What to know before you buy an ‘Octonauts’ toy

Age range

The “Octonauts” show is geared toward a younger audience, including toddlers and preschool-aged kids. Many of the toys have larger parts and plush figures are especially popular because they are safe for even the youngest participants. Consider your child’s age and tendency to put small pieces in their mouth before deciding on the best toy for your household.


The Octonauts are animal characters that explore the ocean and sea life. Many toy sets include Captain Barnacles and Shellington, two of the show’s main figures. You can also look for their vehicles, which are often ocean-themed, such as the Octoray or the Anglerfish-inspired Gup-A submarine. If your child has a favorite character, you can find a stand-alone set with that character and an accompanying vehicle.

‘Above and Beyond’

The original “Octonauts” show has resulted in a spinoff called “Above and Beyond.” Both feature the same characters, who help animal friends and solve problems together. “Above and Beyond” ventures into land adventures as well as ocean missions while the original “Octonauts” premise focuses only on the sea. Fortunately, the toys from both shows work interchangably because they use the same characters.

What to look for in a quality ‘Octonauts’ toy


Most figures in the “Octonauts” playsets are in a 3-inch scale. This lets your child play with multiple vehicles and characters, adding to their collection over time. Even though many vehicle sets only come with one figure, your child can use characters they already have to make new adventures and missions. 


These toys are great to spark your child’s interest in the animal kingdom from an early age. Each of the playsets comes with a mission card that details what your child can do to help animals in the sea. They also include between one and three additional animal figures, such as a Chinese sturgeon and giant panda. 


The best “Octonauts” toys are ones that prompt your child to use their imagination and engage with the world of the “Octonauts.” For the youngest children, a plush character they recognize and can talk to is good for language development and play. Older kids enjoy manipulating the vehicles to go on adventures, such as chomping with the shark-inspired Gup-B vehicle or connecting the three repair vehicles to fix up the larger sets.

How much you can expect to spend on an ‘Octonauts’ toy

They cost $17-$70. Single vehicle sets are often the least expensive, while larger sets include multiple characters and animals.

‘Octonauts’ toy FAQ

Can my child play with several ‘Octonauts’ toys together?

A. “Octonauts” playsets are designed to build upon each other as your child’s collection grows. Most sets come with one character, a vehicle, a mission card and between one and three animals. You can also get a full set of eight characters to let your child recreate their favorite scenes from the show. “Octonauts” toys encourage your child to imagine an underwater world, using the knowledge they learn on the show and from the mission cards.

What age are ‘Octonauts’ toys good for?

A. The manufacturer recommends most “Octonauts” playsets for ages 3 and up. The character figures are 3 inches tall, although some of the animal accessories are smaller. Plush “Octonauts” characters are ideal for younger children because they do not have small pieces or hard edges.

What’s the best ‘Octonauts’ toy to buy?

Top ‘Octonauts’ toy

Best Octonauts Above and Beyond Octopod Playset

“Octonauts: Above and Beyond” Octopod Playset

What you need to know: This playset features the Octopod as well as Captain Barnacles and two side characters.

What you’ll love: The Octopod has places for multiple characters to interact, including a slide. It also comes with the mobile Gup-A submarine vehicle, three animals and a mission card. Other sets can be added to create new ways to play. If you want to start your child with one mega set, this is the best.

What you should consider: Parents may need to help younger children manipulate some of the movable parts.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top ‘Octonauts’ toy for the money

Best Octonauts Plush Figure

“Octonauts” Plush Figure

What you need to know: This plush figure is safe for even the youngest children and can become a beloved friend for older kids.

What you’ll love: All eight “Octonauts” characters come in a plush version that is made with soft polyester. You can put them right in the washing machine when it is time to clean because they don’t include any sounds or lights. They’re affordable enough to get multiple toys so your child can create adventures with their stuffed animals.

What you should consider: Each plush figure is purchased separately and does not come with any compatible accessories.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Best Octonauts Above and Beyond Octoray Transforming Playset

“Octonauts: Above and Beyond” Octoray Transforming Playset

What you need to know: The newest addition to the world of “Octonauts” toys features a giant transforming vehicle, Captain Barnacles and three animals.

What you’ll love: This set can go from the Octoray to the team’s headquarters by lifting open. It also includes sounds and phrases from the show to make your child’s play more engaging. The ramp, lift and engines all move, allowing your child to imagine they are getting ready to go on a real “Octonauts” mission.

What you should consider: This set only comes with one character figure.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

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