Which Ryan’s World toy is best?

Ryan’s World is a YouTube channel for toddlers and preschoolers. What was originally a toy review site, Ryan’s World has nearly 30 million subscribers, and his videos have been watched 50 million times. 

Ryan’s YouTube channel has been described as toys and childhood antics where Ryan gets to be a kid talking about toys with other kids. There is also a 20-episode television series for preschoolers called Ryan’s Mystery Playdate. If your child likes dinosaurs and surprises, take a look at Ryan’s World Surprise Unboxing Dinosaur Playset.

What to know before you buy a Ryan’s World toy

Ryan’s World is kid-friendly

Because the audience is a young one, the best videos are recorded on video with bright colors, quick cuts from one shot to the next and upbeat descriptions of what’s inside the box.

The concept of unboxing

The concept of unboxing is a simple one. Kids enjoy the surprise of someone else opening a box with a toy inside almost as much as opening it themselves.

Ryan’s World unboxing videos are simple and practical

CNN says unboxing videos give kids an honest peek at products opened by a kid like themselves and not a part of a slick, fully produced commercial. Kids get to see what really comes to your house when you order a product, how it looks, if it may be cheap or well-made and what additional things come with the product that may not be in the description on the manufacturer’s website.

What to look for in a quality Ryan’s World toy

Many small children have favorite Ryan’s World characters.

Red Titan

Red Titan is brave, kind and has superpowers he uses to help people.

Combo Panda

Combo Panda is a hip, fun-loving teenage panda who isn’t afraid of anything.

Big Gil

Big Gil is a sporty teenage shark with headphones. He is laid back and funny too.

Alpha Lexa

Alpha Lexa is a sassy and sweet pink teenage cat who is great at playing video games.

Gus the Gummy Gator

Gus is an adventurous gummy-eating green alligator who is carefree, adventurous and clumsy.

Shelldon the Baby Dinosaur

Shelldon is a baby dinosaur who wears his cracked eggshell like a diaper. Everyone in Ryan’s World likes to babysit with the good-natured Shelldon.

Moe the Monster

Moe the Monster is from the planet Moe-topia. He speaks a strange language that only other inhabitants of Ryan’s World can understand. Moe knows everything about building and construction.


Peck is a slightly nerdy purple penguin that is the most intellectual of the Ryan’s World characters. Everyone in Ryan’s World goes to him for help with math and science problems.

How much you can expect to spend on a Ryan’s World toy

Most of the price of Ryan’s World toys is determined by how many pieces are included. Small Ryan’s World toy surprises cost from $5-$15. The most expensive Ryan’s World toys cost from $50-$100.

Ryan’s World toy FAQ

Is there one category of toys that is Ryan’s favorite?

A. Ryan loves toys of all kinds, but his favorites have surprises hidden inside other surprises. Kids love Ryan’s world toys because they are all about surprises.

How did Ryan’s World get started?

A. Ryan was watching YouTube toy unboxing videos when he asked his mother why he wasn’t unboxing toys of his own on YouTube just like those other kids. Ryan’s mother Loann quit her job as a high school chemistry teacher and turned Ryan’s videos into a business.

What’s the best Ryan’s World toy to buy?

Top Ryan’s World toy

Ryans World Surprise Unboxing Dinosaur Playset

Ryan’s World Surprise Unboxing Dinosaur Playset

What you need to know: Preschool kids mash, dig and chisel this Ryan’s World toy to find buried secrets.  

What you’ll love: Use the excavation tools to find fossils and uncover the fossils. A hidden nest of five dig kit dinosaur eggs lies underneath the glowing volcano night light. Hatch the eggs of this Ryan’s World toy to reveal miniature figures of a T-Rex, triceratops, stegosaurus, pterodactyl and brachiosaurus. The grand finale is when the volcano lights up with LED lights to simulate lava erupting from the volcano. Beneath the volcano is a jungle tray that has six more compartments that open to reveal additional surprises like figures, slime, stones and other dinosaur-themed toys.

What you should consider: This product comes in clear packaging, so keep it hidden if you’re buying toys for preschoolers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Ryan’s World toy for the money

Far Out Toys Ryans World Springin Spiders Action Game

Far Out Toys Ryan’s World Springin’ Spiders Action Game

What you need to know: This Ryan’s World game is spooky and creepy fun for kids 5 and older. 

What you’ll love: This Ryan’s World game comes with eight black spiders, eight white spiders and two web stands. Kids spring as many spiders as they can into the air to land on the web and stick before time runs out. Landing one of your spiders scores a point, and you get points for bouncing your opponent’s spiders off with yours too. Kids learn trick shots that are even more fun. 

What you should consider: There might be some problems with the webs staying attached to the web stands.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon.

Worth checking out

Just Plays Ryans World Vending Surprise

Ryan’s World Mystery Spy Vault 

What you need to know: This spy vault comes with tons of secrets to uncover.

What you’ll love: This set is perfect for those aged 3 and up. The plastic vault comes with a key to unlock it. Inside are all sorts of surprises to find, including figures, secret images and hidden instructions for two different versions of the four possible build-your-own Spy Vehicles.  

What you should consider: Two AG13 batteries are needed, but they are included.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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