ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) – Since you were a kid, you have probably been taught to run, hide and then fight, in that specific order, when it comes to being put into immediate danger. Well, what if we told you that there is another tactic that has been introduced that is the complete opposite of this traditional method?

Self-defense instructor Zach Pugh, has been teaching the new tactic, fight, hide and then run, for many years, the reverse order of the traditional tactic. Pugh believes that your best chance of survival with any danger present comes from attacking back. If you are indoors, he recommends either rushing at the attacker. If they are coming your way, stand off to the side of an entryway with a sharp or small object that you can use as a bludgeoning tool. The object should be small enough to have a free hand.

“If the shooter is in your immediate area, the only option that is gonna give you the best chance of survival is charging at them and attacking them making their ability to harm you ineffective,” said Pugh. “If they’re not in your immediate area, you want to get to a place that’s going to make it less likely for you to be found, but is going to put you in a good position to fight for your life if you have to,”

Now, this tactic does not follow the typical strategy given to you by law enforcement. Chemung County Sheriff William Schrom said “We have adopted and we stick with the federal, state and local model, which is the run, hide, fight method. We feel that that is probably the most appropriate position to take about that type of situation, should it arise. You know, there’s a lot of different philosophies out there.”

Pugh says that the traditional tactic puts you in more danger because if there is a shooter then it would be much easier to shoot you out and in the open than if you were protected by things such as locks or bulletproof glass.

“You know, if you’re in a building, they say run outside, get away from the sound of gunfire. The problem with that is you don’t know where the gunmen are. It’s much easier for a gunman to harm you when you’re out in the open than with any security features that your building has, whether it’s locked doors, bulletproof glass, etc.”

One thing that Pugh and Sheriff Schrom agreed on is that it all depends on the situation that you are in when deciding what approach you should take.

“We always encourage them to get exposure to as many things as you can, and then make your decision based on the information that you’re providing.” said Sheriff Schrom.

We linked the full interviews with Pugh and Sheriff Schrom below, with extended versions of both of their opinions on the matter.