BATAVIA N.Y. (WIVB) – A Batavia man and his beer became a viral sensation after Sunday’s win against the Panthers for sharing a drink with the Buffalo Bills.

Life-long Bills fan Richard Donohue says he’s used to high fiving players during the game because of how close his seat is to the end zone. Sharing his beer, he says, that’s a first.

“I was very surprised, I actually said to my buddy, did that actually just happen? They come over sometimes and you hit them and all that, but I didn’t actually think he’d take the beer,” Donohue said.

Buffalo Bills offensive lineman Spencer Brown, did take his beer. After Stefon Diggs scored a touchdown, the players wanted to celebrate and Donohue provided the refreshments.

“He scored the touchdown and I was yelling, way to go guys! Spencer Brown caught my eye and looked at me, and I held up my beer and he came and grabbed it,” he said.

The moment is getting attention all over social media, but Donohue isn’t on social media. It was his friends and family who let him know how popular he became.

“It’s kind of unbelievable. You know, I offered him a beer and it turned it this. My phones been blowing off the hook, everyone’s been texting me, It’s been a pretty crazy day,” he said.

Stefon Diggs even tweeted that he wants to find the fan who offered up his beer so he can buy him another one.

The member of Bills Mafia says it was all about the experience. A memory he calls, priceless.

“You can’t put a price tag on it. It’s just a beer, I can always get more beer. I still can’t get over it,” he said.

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