Bill’s Kickoff Live host Thad Brown discusses keys to Sunday’s AFC Championship

Buffalo Bills

(WETM) – They say that history repeats itself, and for Bills Mafia some are experiencing deja vu as the Bills are headed to their first AFC Championship since 1994 where they played none other than the Kansas City Chiefs.

Our very own Matt Paddock had the opportunity to discuss the AFC Championship with WROC Sports Director and Buffalo Kickoff Live’s Thad Brown on what to expect come Sunday.

It was a hard fought battle last week for the Buffalo Bills as they took down the Baltimore Ravens 17-3 but, there was one moment that Thad Brown says stood above the rest.

“Well there’s no doubt the turning point was when Tarone Johnson ran the interception back 101 yards for a touchdown” says Brown.

It’s a moment that Brown says, if the Bills can come keep rolling, could be a career and franchise defining moment.

“You look at Tarone Johnson, this is a guy who week five lost his job as the starter, that’s the guy that’s the hero of the divisional playoff game, you know, it shows that this Bill’s team has gotten to a point where they don’t have to just rely on the offense coming up with 400 passing yards and 35 points… they can win a variety of ways” says, Brown.

While the defense shined last week, this week Thad says the offense is going to be crucial.

“Buffalo need to take advantage of a Kansas City defense that’s okay… but probably below average, and just keep scoring in the game. This is a game where the offense need to score 35 points” says, Brown.

On Sunday, Brown says this team has a chance to leave a lasting legacy.

“This is, this is how you make a legacy and for the Bills, this is an opportunity to stamp themselves as one of the key powers in the AFC for a long time. You know this is a chance to prove you that one of the long-standing mistakes of the McDermott era was trading away that draft pick that became Pat Mahomes to the Chiefs. Well if you win this game with Mahomes on the field assumedly you’ve proven you don’t need Pat Mahomes” says, Brown.

“If the bills can say you know what that guy is not something we absolutely have to have, that’s one hell of a statement, and that’s what the Bills are playing for more so than just a a spot in the Super Bowl which is clearly a big deal, but this would change a lot of narratives that we’ve had about the Bills and maybe about the AFC for a while” says, Brown.

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