ELMIRA, N.Y. (WETM) — Bills fans across New York and the world are gearing up for this weekend’s AFC Divisional game against the Kansas City Chiefs. For one Southern Tier family, this year’s game is very special.

Last year, Bills Mafia was gearing up for the AFC Championship game against the Kansas City Chiefs. Meanwhile, the McCarty family of Watkins Glen was worried about their daughter. Katrina McCarty experienced several health problems, which landed her in various hospitals across upstate New York, making it difficult for her family to be by her side.

“There’s no fan base like the Bills Mafia. They helped me out during rough times with my daughter being in the hospital,” Dan McCarty, Katrina’s father, told 18 News.

The family traveled from their home in Watkins Glen to hospitals in Ithaca, Rochester, and Buffalo. With the help of Bills fans, the McCarty’s travel expenses were lessened and smiles returned to their faces.

“They helped us pay some of our bills and made sure that I had gas to get back and forth. Because of COVID rules, I had to travel back and forth from Watkins to Rochester the Buffalo. They took really good care of us. I couldn’t ask for anything better,” McCarty continued.

Helping fellow fans in need is not a new concept for Bills Mafia. They have helped several fans, families, and even other NFL players by donating to special causes.

“I’m just I’m really proud of the Bills fan base and the things that they’ve done. They started a trend in the NFL by giving financial donations to players on other teams,” Steve Tasker, former special teams player for the Buffalo Bills, said. “They did it for Andy Dalton and Tyler Boyd. They did it for Lamar Jackson. I’m very proud of the fan base “

Dan McCarty is ready to watch the game with his family and daughter. He is grateful to the Mafia, who is preparing to mount up again against the Chiefs.

“Just Go Bills. I just pray we get our Super Bowl win we’ve been all week before for years,” McCarty concluded. “[I’m going to] wear the same hat I’ve been wearing for last five or six games. They’ve been winning and I’m not going to change much up now.”

For the Buffalo Bills players, this game serves as the revenge tour. It began nearly one year ago when the Buffalo Bills lost to the Chiefs in the AFC title game, one step away from the Super Bowl. After beating the Chiefs decisively early this season, the Bills are hoping to take that momentum into this game.

“We’re grateful for the opportunity to be in the playoffs,” Stefon Diggs, Buffalo Bills wide receiver, said Wednesday. “We work to get here, so we’re just trying to execute.”

The Buffalo Bills kick off against the Chiefs Sunday night at 6:30p from Arrowhead Stadium.