Each year, NASCAR fans want to see how teams begin the season with rules changes and car changes.  And this year, there is one driver who has already shown the ability to start in the back of the field and win. 
Brad Keselowski already has a Daytona win. He avoided a crash and a charge from Joey Logano to win last weekend’s clash.

“It’s something that we’re looking forward to being able to capitalize on,” Keselowski said.”We’ve had a great start to Speedweek winning the clash. And we feel like we can keep it going”

Keselowski has a knack for succeeding at the super speedways. He took checkered flags at Talladeg and Daytona in July. But Daytona has eluded him during his career.

“It’s got the biggest hype to it, the biggest following with fans and of course the biggest purse which always makes mama happy.”

And what makes Brad happy? Points. In 2012, Keselowski won the series championship with five victories. So while anxious for the signature Daytona 500 win, he climbs into the number 2 car with perspective.

“We put a lot into winning it. But we also know that we have to go to Atlanta the week after and the same amount of points are on the line.”
Keselowski has some work to do. He only had the 19th fastest lap in last sunday’s pole position qualifying.